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Chairman’s Address (Water Ski Section Closure)


hope that you have all had a lovely summer and made the most of the good weather. It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that the Committee had to make a difficult decision a few weeks ago and have decided to close the water ski section.

We have been struggling for the last few years with boat problems and this year we haven’t managed to tow one skier as the boat failed on its first weekend out; we have had various engineers trying to fix the engine without success. The boat is now at Midlands Nautique who have diagnosed that the Engine Management Unit has failed. The problem is that the part is no longer made. However they have sourced a company in America who sell reconditioned units to order but which are sold with no guarantee. A part has been ordered and hopefully once the boat is in working order they will sell it for us.

Our other problem is that we do not have enough keen skiers coming forward or people willing to organise weekends and therefore the section is no longer financially viable. We are working with Chichester Water ski Club to see if there is an opportunity to run 2 or 3 days or weekends a year as a Special Event.

It is your Club and we do need your support in terms of bookings and help with maintenance to keep it alive.

On a happier note, the Ball is a sell out and I look forward to seeing many of you hidden behind your masks on 22 October 2022!

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