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Expert-led 90 minute Zoom interactive virtual gin tasting

We do have an upcoming virtual event (via Zoom) on 19th March at 19:30!

Gin has had quite the revolution over the past few years. This session takes guests on a tasting journey – from the origins of the spirit, to an exploration of the modern gin market. In this fun and informative event, we will receive a gin tasting kit with a 5 different gins, tonic, tasting guide and notes sheet. We will learn how to taste and nose like a professional, before being led through the tasting by a leading drinks educator, introducing the colourful history and flavours of the most quintessentially English spirit. Being able to ask questions and vote for our favourite, I believe it will be a truly fun evening!

Expert-led 90 minute Zoom interactive virtual gin tasting (with 30 minutes to socialise at the end) 5 x 30ml samples of premium gin 1 x 200ml bottle of Fever Tree Light Tonic Notes sheet and Pipette Pic-n-mix

Tracked delivery of packages to all – UK mainland only

GD Member - £30  Non-member - £35

Payments and registrations must be completed by Thursday 11th March in order for the kits to be sent out in time.

Please email on or message me on Facebook to organise your tasting kit ready for the 19th March.

I look forward to seeing lots of people virtually! In the meantime, if anyone has any other events they would like to recommend, please contact Amie.

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