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Sue Hastings: My wishes for good health to all

Since retirement I have been busy travelling at home and abroad.   Also I have been able to enjoy playing tennis , bell-ringing (log term beginner!) skiing and boating.

Since being required to socially isolate  and needing  to order food fortnightly I have had to plan provisioning for the first time ever. Previously shopping has been a sort of ‘hit and run activity,’ fitted in where and when needed.

I had to rationalise my cupboard to reveal what I had and work out what I might need. Fortunately I didn’t record what the cupboard looked like before I started!  But suffice it to say it was a complete muddle.  Turning it out revealed some truly historic items and some relating to over ambitious recipes that had never been attempted.  Oh dear, you learn something about yourself doing this! Anyway now purring with achievement,  I am proud to submit my new cupboard photo:

It just shows how small one’s world becomes!!

My wishes for good health to all,

Sue Hastings

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