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Susan Perkins' Funeral Service

Message from Richard Perkins:

Dear Friends of Susan, Please forgive this impersonal greeting. It is necessary to ensure some level of security in sending out the same message to so many people. Susan’s funeral service will be at 01:45pm on Monday 26th July at St. Michael’s Church, Betchworth, Surrey RH3 7DN. Because we are on the cusp of release from Covid restrictions - will we or won’t we be affected, singing or not, masks or not?? - I need to ask if you would like to attend in person and, if so, how many people will be in your group (“bubble”). The bubble sizes affect the total numbers that can be fitted in the church “socially distanced”. I will then reply with an invitation and a seat number. Please let me know as soon as possible, even though it may all be unnecessary, it will take a bit of planning. If we are released, everyone will be welcome of course. For those who can’t come and would like to “be there”, I have set up a live streaming video link which I give below. I believe that you just click on the link at the appropriate time UK British Summer Time but you can also view it for up to 12 weeks afterwards and make a recording if you wish. Yes, it’s all strange to me too. Please ask if you need more guidance. Susan told me quite firmly that she didn’t want any eulogies, but I am sure that she would welcome each one of her friends who would like to say “goodbye” physically or virtually. Best wishes, Richard. P.S. For those of you have acted as messengers for me e.g. Austin Seven people, dental friends, etc. please feel free to pass the link on.

The funeral directors have set up a link so that you can leave a message of your memories of Susan if you wish. The link is below. I forgot to mention that we are requesting that flowers should be from close family only. If you would like to make a donation Susan said to me that she should like to support MacMillan Nurses and St. Catherine’s Hospice. Both organisations gave both of us amazing practical and moral support in the last twelve months of Susan’s life. Thank you. With fond regards, Richard.

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