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Water Skiing



All-in day prices for the 2022 Season

£50 for non-members 

£36 for members

£30 for children 

£25 for tow boat drivers 

(The cost includes unlimited skis, but excludes visitor day membership; this will be an extra £5 per day. It does not include camping/food, etc.)


Bookings now open for large weekends (once per month) and smaller weekends (maximum of 15 on site!). Please note to book a large weekend, we ask for at least £600 to be made for the club per day, and for smaller weekends £400 per day. 


The water ski section has a long history since being added to the Green Diamond Club's activities in 1962. It began on the River Hamble (near Southampton) with a small outboard ski boat, where it continued until a 4mph speed restriction was imposed. The club's operation has re-located several times to lakes at Tallington, Cosgrove, Oxford, Stewartby and is now currently based in Chichester. 


The section is run by Lottie James. She is a qualified UKCC 2 Water Ski and Wakeboard Instructor, and has completed 2 summer seasons in Greece teaching. She regularly volunteers to coach new and existing GD members, whilst organising the general administration of the section. 


2020 saw a lot of mechanical works being done to the 2010 Ski Nautique 196 boat, meaning it is now reliable for our activities. The club can provide all the equipment needed for water skiing and wakeboarding (wetsuits, life jackets, skis, boards and ropes) to suit all ages and abilities. Those at Chichester lake are incredibly helpful in providing secure storage for our belongings. 


With Chichester allowing us to have camping weekends with the use of their facilities, including the showers, kitchen and BBQ, we offer something very different to commercial water ski clubs. The social environment, whilst encouraging everyone (all ages, members or not!) to enjoy the sport, is at the core of the GD ethos. 


The season runs from April to October, and members are encouraged to book both weekends and weekdays to enjoy the facilities. The section relies on members volunteering to organise groups of their friends and family, and the club has a number of qualified ski boat drivers who can also support the organisers of these sessions. Should anyone need any help in organising their weekend, please contact Lottie and she will be more than happy to help!


Water ski weekends are a great way to watch all generations try out the sport and to organise memorable get-togethers. 

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